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At tru community, we offer you a talented and knowledgeable team of fitness professionals who encourage and inspire everyone that comes our way. Cultivating strength and positivity is our motivator. We’re in it together!

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As tru community instructors we are a seasoned and accomplished community of fitness professionals who have incorporated the best parts of our experiences to deliver a unique virtual experience…a journey for the mind combined with an intelligent and effective physical workout set to a playlist that promises to inspire. We started with at home cycling and quickly expanded our repertoire to barre, sculpt, rowing and HIIT circuit classes, with still more to come. Take one, take them all. No matter what you enjoy, you will be guaranteed a well planned, energized and inspired workout with the instructor’s eye on you and your needs. This is only the beginning…


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Why pay anything online when you can find options that are free? Two reasons: we’re live and we’re seasoned. Our talent brings years of experience to the screen. We are in the moment, focused on you with form cues when needed and encouragement & inspiration throughout the class. We are passionate about what we do and want to become a regular part of your day/week. With every class that we teach, we bring it (as they say) and make it happen.


tru talks

Twice a month we will offer up a chance to meet up without exercise clothes! Totally casual and totally free, we will have interviews, talks with special guests, chats about anything and everything tru! Consider yourself our guests. Suggestions for topics are always welcome. This is our opportunity to get to know one another, find out what makes us tick and most importantly...CONNECT! Specifics to follow.

class pricing

At tru community, we like to keep it simple. Each fitness class, whether its cycling, yoga, barre, rowing or a combination, is a flat rate of $15. Packages are available, including single, 5, 10, and 20 session packages. 

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I never would have imagined I could enjoy group exercise this way, but I love it.  I love it because these instructors are among the very best anywhere, and the vibe they create is a magical combo of fun, challenging, chill, and addictive!


- Mike H.


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