Bike FAQ 

How do you ship your bikes?

None of our Stages indoor cycles has ever left our shop in the original box. Each cycle is shipped in ride ready, flawless condition in a custom crate; shipping also includes curbside drop off delivery.  Simply uncrate, unwrap, place in your home and start class!!! We also offer additional delivery services, just let us know!


How long does it take for a Bike to ship?

In stock, individual bikes for home use are fully assembled by our team and ship out within one business day!!!


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping includes custom crating of your indoor cycle, (so it arrives in ride ready condition) along with curbside drop off. Normally shipping costs from $300 to $500 within the continental US.  With the tru community branded Stages SC1.20, shipping is included!!!


Will my SPD or LOOK Delta cleats work with your pedals?

YES! We upgraded all of our pedals to be both SPD and LOOK Delta compatible. We also provide a set of baskets/cages at no additional charge for those who do not have cycling shoes and want to ride with their tennis shoes.


Will I have to assemble my indoor cycle when it arrives?

Nope! No Stages cycles have ever left our facility in the original box. After producing and shipping 1000's of Stages indoor cycles over the past four years, it is our professional opinion that although Stages bikes are the best in the industry, they DO require professional assembly and tuning by a certified technician in order to truly experience what the bike offers.  Each Custom Indoor Cycle is meticulously assembled and tuned by our team of CIC Certified Technicians and shipped in ride ready, flawless condition.


Does your Stages indoor cycle come with a warranty?

YES! As one of Stages Indoor Cycling's first authorized dealers in the world, all of our Stages bikes come with a full warranty! Any issue, simply contact us at or call us! Either way, you are covered!


Can I add a Stages PowerMeter and Display Console to a Stages SC1.20?

YES! As an upgrade, we can configure your tru community branded Stages SC1.20 indoor cycle with a Stages Power Meter and Display Console. Our CIC Certified Technicians will pair these two components as well as perform a zero-reset as part of our assembly process.