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tru passion.

We are a group of individuals who have worked, played, laughed, cried, won and lost together. Being tru isn't always easy. Sometimes we need someone else to help us be our tru selves. 


As a tru instructor, that's what we do. We are a group of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate instructors who aspire to make your "after" feel better than your "before" while staying present every step, pedal, stroke, and beat of the way. 

ruth zukerman // indoor cycling

I have found a new home in tru community. The energy, the intimacy and the connection, along with an overload of fun that goes with every class, is equally good for my mind as it is my muscles! 

- Mica D.

ben thompson // indoor cycling
alicia miller // indoor cycling

What I love about tru community is that it feels like stadium cycling from the safety of my own home. There is a camaraderie amongst the riders as we climb the mountains together. The instructors call out by name and cheer us on. We chat, we laugh, and we have a good time together.

- Maris G.

The energy in class is infectious!  It will push you harder than you thought because you will be having so much fun!!!  There is a reason why there is a loyal following across the country.

- Barb K.

tru community provides me with the ultimate balance of terrific group exercise with the flexibility of a private session. Ruth and John bring fun and laughter to an intense workout, scored by an eclectic musical soundtrack. It feels like a neighborhood coming together for a sports activity.

- Kristen D.

aisha mitchell // vinyasa yoga

Pandemic or not, I would have joined tru community...tru community classes fuel a sense of personal power and presence. And the expert curation of exceptional instructors is unparalleled. The best 15 bucks you could spend!!

- Laura T.

janeen defina // personal training

It wasn't just fitness instructors that I missed when the pandemic first hit, it was this community. And it comes through right on that screen and keeps me going during every class!

- Charlie R.

john wellmann // indoor cycling
bradford stevens // HIIT circuit training
Taylor Dabbah.png
taylor dabbah // indoor cycling

In these oh such crazy times, with so many people in different places, I am so grateful for the launching of tru community. It has created a place to get our indoor cycling fix and to see our friends again. 

- Bonnie M.

These are the most talented instructors in the country and their virtual rides are the best out there.  Their professionalism and ability to connect with each rider is unmatched; thats a fact!

- Liz J.

The classes are a smooth, high quality workout.  Not only are they a fun & fabulous experience, I find them to be very therapeutic; a good vibe all around!

- Candy C.

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